Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Crazy Cat Lady Nails // DIY

Happy first DIY project of 2012 everyone! I decided to kick this year off right... with cats on my nails! This project is easy peasy but fabulous - if I do say so myself! I guesss you could modify the idea for any animal but I can't think of another creature I would wear more proudly than a feline! So I suggest not trying to fix something that isn't broken and just embracing your inner (or very flamboyant ) cat lady.

Using painters tape and a ball point pen to trace the outline of  the nail or nails you wish to have a cat on. Hint wash and dry your hands thoroughly before this step to enable the tape to stick tightly to your nails.
Draw the cat head big enough to cover the entire tip of your nail, think of it as a french cat tip. It took me a couple of times to draw the perfect shape so don't rush this step cause it's kinda important.
Self explanatory but keep in mind that your accent nail color is the color of the cat. Please wait untill the polish is 100% dry before continuing onto the next step or things will get messy. I don't want to get blamed for messy nails yo.
I used an ordinary pair of craft scissors to cut the 'cat' from the painters tape. This is where having clean and dry fingers will be really helpful in getting the painters tape to stick to your skin and nail. Rub all the edges firmly down to prevent 'bleeding' under the tape.
Again self-explanatory and peel the tape off before the polish dries. I found painting from on top of the tape towards your cuticle works best and don't worry about being messy. Later you can clean your nail up with a q-tip and nail polish remover. No fear Sista! Also For this step I used a Sally Hansen Color Quick Pen because I find I had more control with its tip.
 I used nail polish that had a skinny brush intended for making thin nail designs to paint the whiskers on. If you don't have fancy polish I've always found that dipping a toothpick or needle in polish  will work just as fine, if not better. Also now would be the time to clean up the line around the ears/head if things got a little messy during the last step. I recommend use the previously mentioned methods to clean up the cats face.

I apparently failed to photograph the last step so I will just describe it. Before the whiskers dried I placed a small triangular gem over the cross section of the whiskers for a cute little nose. If you don't have nail gems, I picked mine up from the dollar tree, a small piece of glitter or a dab of pink polish in the same spot would make an equally handsome nose.
I hope you enjoy this project, the idea has been bouncing around in my mind for a couple weeks now so I am happy to have finally executed it. Let me know if you paint your own cat nails

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  1. You've got to be kitten me! These nails would have me feline so fancy! I need to go buy some gold nail polish right meow!


    But seriously... this is a lovely DIY!

    Ahh, puns.


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