Thursday, September 29, 2011

Oh, Shoot!

Awhile ago I mentioned at the bottom of this post that I have been experimenting with ways to physically manipulate the images that my point and shoot camera produces without any sort of post-picture-taking-editing. I have had a ton of ideas flop but I've got a growing collection of tricks that have actually worked out for me that I would like to share with you. This is the first installment of Oh, Shoot! I hope you get inspired to show your point and shoot a little bit more lovin'. First I will show you the images I have come up with then I will share how I achieved the look.
Neat right? I took these photos this summer during one of my many visits to Yellowstone. In order to produce images like the above just put your camera on its macro or close-up setting, turn off the flash and hold it up to one lens of a pair of binoculars then just focus and snap away! I suggest putting the binoculars and camera on tripods because that way the images will be much much much clearer. The examples above are a result of holding each with an unsteady hand.
Now for the your input let me know in the comment section  if you enjoyed this or if you would prefer not to see content like this on Eloquent Sticks and Stones? Not that any of my blogging plans will change I just like to know what my readers think.


  1. This is phenomenal! I'm going to have to re-download the manual for my camera to
    a.) Figure out if it even has a macro setting
    b.) Figure out how to use it in gen-gen.

    I am going to try and I'll send you f0t0z

  2. do send me some piczzzz! I like how taking close up photos this way gives the images more of a disposable camera vibe. I am glad you liked it gurlfrand! Ali


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