Saturday, July 30, 2011

Family Always Wins

I know its been a little quite on the blog lately... as in I heard crickets when I finally logged on to Blogger this afternoon. the reason for my absence is because I've spent this past week having so so so much fun hanging out with my brothers! For the first time in over a year the WHOLE family has been together and I must admit that although we fought and yelled I couldn't be enjoying myself more than with any other group of people in the whole world! I honestly believe that my family is what sit-coms are made of (read : we are comedy gold) In the past 8 days we've adventured to Yellowstone, day tripped to the zoo, par took in a far too competitive game of putt-putt, bird watched at the worlds largest migratory bird refuge, explored costco as well as a whole bunch of Wisconsin style drinkin' all while we enjoyed being around each other. I love my brothers and I've looked up to them my whole life. I always felt that being their sister definitely made me hipper. The only downside to all this family time has been ZERO blog time and honestly it's not that big of a deal. That is a good problem not a bad one. Also since having such a long break, that will be extending till Friday, from the internet I've really found creative inspiration that I think it 100% fueled by my interests and original ideas as apposed to  100% fueled by Google Image Search. I am feeling recharged and ready to take on life and the blog world when I return next week. I know this post is a tad bit scatterbrained so I shall summarize: I love my family, I've been having fun, Sorry the blog is so lame right now and essentially  I just wanted to pop in and say I miss all my lovely readers but honestly I miss my family a lot more! Family always wins.
p.s. The photo of Cache and I, above, is the product of a project I've been working on to physically manipulate my point and shoot photos in an attempt to to play around with my own digital photography in much the same one would play with film photographs via toy cameras. Don't worry if you don't get it, I am planning on blogging the heck of this idea later. xoxo Ali

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