Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lazy Sunday

I had a fabulous Sunday! ( I hope you did too!)  I went to church, folded some laundry, went clothing shopping with my Mom, said goodbye to my adorable felines, ate Taco Bell, blogged and watched some Green Bay Packer football domination! I also hung up some white-trash-fabulous-pink-flamingo-lights above my bed, which you can see in the photo above, my dorm room looks so much more chill now. 
I've been waiting for an occasion to wear a long-loose-flowy sweater with an equally long-loose-flowy scarf (while not looking like a total bum) for WEEEEEEEEEEEKS now! Well, I decided that today was the day! After church I took off the sundress I had worn this morning out and about, threw my bedhead into a surprisingly chic top knot then  layered a long sweater over a stripy scoop neck tee. To finish this wardrobe stunt off I accessorized to my hearts content. Ok, so I added a scarf and a feather. My heart apparently desired little today. The sweater I am rockin' is one of my favorite fall ALL the time staples because it is so paper thin and large that it gives my body no shape. Yet, I will admit that for some reason the bagginess of this peice of knitwear, usually, makes me feel supa stylish. Weird, huh?
I have a theory that pairing stripes with stripes can make any outfit ultimately cool. Ok, I don't. I just made that up. Although, I think it will be a new fashion rule of mine because it totally pulled this whole look together. One more quick thought: Old  Navy should hire me. (see outfit details below) 
  Outfit Details 
Scarf // old old Old Navy 
Leggings //  So... brand from Kohl's 
Top // Old Navy
Sweater // Christmas gift (Old Navy)
Feather Hair Clip // Handmade from Farmers Market



  2. Thanks except they are fading fast soon I am just gonna look like a polar bear but for now they are still poppin'


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