Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day Dad!

Happy Father's Day to the man who has taught me so many things about life and shown me how to love by being one half of the strongest relationship I've ever known. Happy Father's Day to the man that thought I was so beautiful in my prom dress he was willing to buy me a gown 3 times more expensive than my mothers wedding dress and then cried about how lovely I looked when prom finally came. Happy Father's Day to the man who makes me so mad at least once a day. Happy Father's Day to the man that will buy me ice cream not matter how cold it is outside because he is always in the mood for ice cream. Happy Father's Day to the man that can spend more time on the Internet than me and can also relate to the dream of owning a small business.  
In many ways I am my mothers child but as I become older I am starting to notice more and more of my Father's quality's  in me which I consider a blessing. My dad is the most mellow and genuine father on the planet, in my opinion, but has a hot temper that I now as a semi-adult can step back and  appreciate. Why would I ever say I now appreciate my dads temper? Because it shows how passionate he is as a human being which is a side of him that is rarely seen, as I mentioned he is a very mellow man.
My Dad has instilled a love of God, traveling, swimming, technology and the value of a good grill and wholesale shopping in me. My dad my not always understand my interests or my art but he always makes an honest attempt to understand everything that's going on in my life. My father is an oblivious man but he really loves me more than I could ever imagine. My dad loves me with all his heart and I love him with all of mine. 7 on Sunday will be posted tomorrow to ensure my dad truly has his own day, because my dad often takes a backseat in my life these days.
I am glad God blessed me with such wonderful parents. See some photos of my parent's wedding day here.


  1. oh your dad sounds lovely. hope you had a great day with him ~ i certainly did with mine! <3

  2. He is very lovely! I am so glad to hear you had an enjoyable day with your own pops! Have a lovely evening! Xo Ali


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