Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pictures I love

I just wanted to share some photos I love during the month of love 
My Nana's wedding picture, she is the one in the middle and I just want you to notice that the material in front of her is not her train its her veil - GLAM - her sisters all wore their wedding dresses for the picture also

My Mom and Dad
I love my Moms Victorian wedding dress,
she is the only woman I know who could pull
off a lace dress and weighted bun. 

Bonus Pictures:

I love that my mom's dress has batwings so so so stylish

My Mom and My Nana, I see a lot of my own
facial features in my Mom's face but I also see
how pretty she is! some people  may think her
dress is ugly but this dress could not fit my
Mom's style better. I love her.

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