Friday, June 17, 2011

Hello Readers!

Things on the ol blog have been kinda slow lately I will admit. The lack of posts is because I've been putting all my effort into job hunting...which has been fruit less. In other news I went rummage saleing today and I scored a couple of amazing things I am gonna post about later in the week. Found Friday posts are on hiatus because I can't find my stash of found items to scan...whoops. I also found my dad's old tripod this past week in the basement so be on the look out for betta pictures on Eloquent Sticks & Stones. I just wanted to touch base with y'all. Ali

p.s. I noticed on google reader this afternoon  that Eloquent Sticks & Stones had 8 new blog posts which really freaked me out because I don't even have that many scheduled entries written right now. I was really bothered to see that all 8 images turn out to be items I clipped to Polyvore last night! Ugh! I've been having so many problems with Blogger and Polyvore but I am beginning to think its mostly polyvore. I am irritated.

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