Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What I've Read // Julia & Julia

Last week I finished reading a book I picked up at the Borders closing sale a couple months ago, Julie & Julia. I purchased the book because it was recently adapted into a movie that I had been interested in seeing but I have a rule...I have to read the book before I see the movie. No exceptions, well except for the Twilight series. I am sad to report that I wasn't blown away by the novel yet I enjoyed parts of it. I enjoyed Julie Powell's informal writing style which I am pretty sure stems from her experience blogging. I enjoyed that at times the only thing motivating her was her bleaders or blog readers. I enjoy that her fame was mostly due to said blog. I enjoy how openly she talked about her "project weight" and I enjoyed how normal she seemed to be. With all that said I am not going to list the things I didn't like but I will leave you with this... if "colorful" language bothers you back away from this novel. Once I finished the book I had no intentions of seeking out the movie from Redbox but my friend Lisa said "The movies long & kind of exhausting..but cute at the same time. It's a rainy day, nothing better to watch, movie. It's dec." via twitter I've only quoted Lisa because that is exactly how I would describe the novel; Long and exhausting but cute when it's over. There is one quote from the novel that can be found on page 303 within my version of the text that reads "...I have no claim over the woman at all, unless it's the claim one who has nearly drowned has over the person who pulled her out of the ocean... ." The quote is my favorite moment in the whole novel because it illustrates so flawlessly that Julie Powell knew nothing of Julia Child as a person but owed her life, as well as who she was to become as a person, to Child. In review the novel has a heart but fell short of my personal expectations for the novel. 
Julie & Julia project blog. Link
Julie Powell's personal blog. Link.

P.s. I hope you enjoyed this post as it is the first in a new blog series I've been planning since January but was to lazy to execute till this week. The whole idea behind "What I've Read" is that within a week or two of finishing a novel I will share my personal experience with the writing. I am very excited because I am an avid reader and I look forward to sharing my thoughts and this part of my life with the Blogosphere.

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  1. http://lawrenceandjulieandjulia.blogspot.com/

    This guy went to my high school and he's watching Julie and Julia every day and blogging about it. It's hilarious.

    I love you!


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