Monday, June 20, 2011

7 on Cache's Sunday!

Hello! I mentioned on Father's Day that I had a 7 on Sunday planned out but I decided not to post it until after to allow my dad to have his own moment on Eloquent Sticks & Stones as this set is in honor of my baby Cache and the one year anniversary of finding him. I Happy belated Birthday Cache-man! I hope all my fellow Cat Lady bloggers out there enjoy this weeks Seven!

1. Cache Collage!

I love my adorable kitten Cache and buttons so how could today's 7 on (late) Sunday not feature the collage I posted last year.
 2. Canadian Cat Cabin
I think this would be the most adorable gift to give the 'babies' aka my 3 cats for Christmas because it's so adorable... and hipster cat! Link.

3. DIY Cat Feather Toy
A DIY from my home girl Martha for my baby boy Cache that looks sooooo easy! Link.

4. Meow Pix Camera
Eek! I've always wanted to own my very own Holga and I can't express how a cat Holga would be the perfect fit in my kitty filled life! Link.
 5. Diego The Cat Pillow 
I think this cat pillow from OU is the cat's meow but I am posting it because I actually think I might make Sergio a pillow of Cache for when he moves into the dorms next semester and won't be seeing our little monster everyday but shhhh don't tell him. Link.

6. Necono Digital Cat Camera
I have no words just go to website when I found this camera I was beside myself with joy. Link.

7. This Black Cat Swim Suit
I've been lusting after this cat suit ever since I created a set on Polyvore earlier in the year which you can check out here. Link.

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