Sunday, March 17, 2013

7 on Sunday #20

1. I spent my birthday weekend in Moab and was so excited we stopped here.
2.This little boy's bravery to stand up for a feline being bullied by school mates made me cry.
3. I would love to get this downloaded on our GPS it might come in handy while on Vay Cay.
4. Eek! These wellies are so cute, I love the pheasant pattern.
5. Two of the best dads ever! These two stories are the type of thing I can see Sergio doing one day.
6. I am intrigued by this suit  because I've never seen a long sleeve swimming suit.
7. I know I linked to Indie Darling during the last Seven but really feel this cat purse and scarf need to find there way into my closet.  

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