Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Adventure Book

As with most people I went through a scrap booking phase. I still have a Tupperware containers full of scrap booking supplies that I haven't touched since...drum roll please... 9th grade. My vacation memories have been banished in this digital age to live on only through memory cards or external hard drives. I was gifted a Smashbook from my Aunt for Christmas and I started getting the itch to 'scrap'. My itch was intensified when my parents gave me an Instax camera for my birthday to document our epic Moab adventure. I decided to combine the two gifts and create my very own Adventure Book. It was so easy to follow through with the book because I only used the items I had on hand such as brochures, stickers, small mementos, scissors and my instax pictures. My only rule set was that I had to finish the book before we arrived back home. Also the book itself came with a glue stick/ink pen which is like the coolest thing ever. Do you have an adventure book or even a smashbook? If you have posted about either on your blog leave me a link in the comment section because I would like to see them.


  1. Aw, Up :)

    When I went on holiday last year I put together a travel journal/'memory book'.
    I wrote about it on my blog here
    It's a great thing to have to look at and remember all the little details of the trip

  2. I love my Instax camera. What a great gift!


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