Monday, February 25, 2013


quiet  (noun) is the absence of sound - (verb) to make calm, still, or quiet - (adjective) free of noise or uproar or making little if any sound 
My life has been a whirl preparing for some life changes, anticipating emotional milestones and preparing myself for anniversaries such as my sweet nieces first birthday as well as my own looming birthday. I feel OK with where the dust has been settling in my day to day life for the first time since the tsunami of life crashed all around me almost two years ago. I am also OK with the peace that has been settling around me as I lay my head down at night. Lord makes all things work together for my good, I just need to remember that during the next emotional hail storm of this life. I hope you enjoy whatever calm or fleeting moments of quiet you muster through out this Monday. Today I plan on lying around leisurely reading on my kindle and at sometime between sunrise and sunset I would like to make a batch or two of cupcakes. I have pretty lofty goals for my day off. 

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