Monday, October 8, 2012

DIY // Floral Sunnies Version Two

I posted another Sunglasses DIY  in August which is very similar to this one. Except this time I have added floral material to the face of the glasses. The previous version of this project features floral material added to the temples... little variation, big difference. The earlier DIY can be seen here. I have not posted my usual extremely detailed tutorial because as I feel as though I already wrote basically the same post earlier in the year.... I feel that way mostly  because that is true. After the jump you will find a couple tips on how to successfully replicate this DIY...and might also find a few low quality how-to photos featuring helpful hints but don't expect TOO much from me!

p.s. I wear these glasses all the time because I appreciate the handmade feel of this pair  as compared to the original glasses I posted which again can be seen here.

I used the same materials as in the other DIY but in case you have ignored the two links I've tried to direct you towards I will list the needed supplies: Nail polish, silk scarf, painters tape, exacto knife, mod podge plus for this project I also used a small glasses screw driver, stencilling paint brush, cuticle pusher.
I found that removing the arms or temples of from the glasses makes each step so so so much easier, honestly. The next thing I did was to make sure the front and back of each lens was completely covered by painters tape because I didn't want to deal with messy or grubby looking lenses once I was done.

You don't have to paint the frames white I just found that the silk scarf seems to dry transparent after being covered with the glue. The white paint helps the pattern pop. To apply the scarf and avoid ending up with a bumpy surface I found using  one of those chubby, short bristled stenciling brushes to tap the material onto the frames also smooths the bumps away really efficiently. Take your time, this project is a little time consuming. The slower and more accurately I work my final product tends to be much more satisfying. Just before I reattached the temples of the glasses, which I painted with a lilac nail polish, back to, the completely dry, frames I cleaned up the edges of the lenses. I used a nail cuticle pusher to force the material towards the direction of the lens and got a really nice crisp edge. Did that make sense? I hope so. That is about all I have to say. I hope you try either one or both versions of my Sunglasses revamps and if you do please send a picture of your project my way.


  1. Great diy! These look awesome.
    x Lisa

  2. Hey thanks Lisa. Glad you enjoyed this project!

  3. Those glasses are too cute! I always wish I didn't have to wear glasses so that I could buy cheap sunglasses and do something like this.


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