Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Plastic lenses for Vintage Frames // DIY

I bought a pair of super cute vintage glasses at a rummage sale last summer for dirt cheap with the full intention of getting non-prescription lenses put in as soon as I got a job. Well, the job and the new lenses never happened. I am sure there is a much more permanent and higher quality way to go about this project but I worked with the resources I had available to me. The plastic I used is a tad foggy but that can't be any worse for you peepers than stranning to look through someone else's prescription lenses. This project was made with the full intention of being a photo prop, so if you ruin your perfect eyes don't try and blame it all on me.

The supplies needed for this DIY are super minimal: a number 1 plastic cookie container or any other thin/clear plastic you have at your disposal, dry erase marker, a pair of scissors and a thrifted pair of glasses.
Optional but you never know from what decade those eye goobers could be from...just sayin'

If you cut the plastic a tad bit larger than the original lenses there is no need for adhesive as the flimsy plastic will fit snugly into the groves of the frames.


  1. I never even thought of this! Such a perfect idea. BTW, your new design is pure amazingness <3

  2. Yes!!!! I knew if I looked to my beloved guru Pinterest I would find a d.i.y to solve my dilemma which is exactly what yours is. So, wherever you are-thank you. I will be trying this.


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