Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Vintage Postcards from Door County

My mother found a few postcards of her hometown last time she was in Wisconsin. Mom's now deceased sister had stashed away a bundle of old post cards that had once been purchased by my Grandpa Al. the biggest mystery to me is : I wonder why he bought them? I never met my grandfather who passed away when my mom was young, but I've always imagined him to be a no nonsense kind of man so I assumed he must have been proud of the town and surrounding area he was raising his family in... well, proud enough to purchase postcards of sights he saw very frequently. My favorite is definatly the one above, I love that I can pick out each a attraction that is being represented within the letter that spell out Sturgeon Bay. My next favorite is actually a set of the second and third post card (after the jump) because one is a drawing of the view from the observation tower at Peninsula State Park and the other IS the observation tower. I also enjoy the postcard of Downtown Sister Bay littered with the most glamorous cars I've ever seen. I wish I could time travel through each of these old photos and experience Door County Wisconsin in all its small town quaintness before it was taken over by yuppies a la Illinois. Enjoy!

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