Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wanderlust : The Museum of Natural History

I had been dying to visit the museum of Natural History the Rio Tino center since last March and I must confess...it was heavenly! The museum had so many interactive interpretive stations that where really thrilling to play with, honestly I felt like a child all day long mostly because I have a thing for dinosaur bones and stones. I used to pretend I was a paleontologist in my backyard unearthing the chicken bones my mom routinely/secretly hid for me. I would use an extra long deck nail and a tiny paintbrush to clean off all the dirt from the bone and document each discovery in my notebook. I was way cool. So the entire first floor was thrilling beyond comprehension as it was filled with dinosaur bones and fossils found in Utah, which means I was filled will glee. I was exhausted we left the building because I kept running from one insanely cool thing to another. I highly recommend if you find yourself in SLC to check out the Natural History museum even if it is on the U's campus...

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  1. Utah!! You're from Utah!! I am, to,o so this makes me happy. Thank you so much for commenting so I could find your pretty blog!! You are a gem.


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