Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cats & Dogs

Happy Spring, it seems to have sprung nice and warm in most parts of the country... just not in Northern Utah. I noticed most of the blogging community yesterday wearing dresses and bare legs/arms gushing about how warm the weather is which why I am putting out my two cents about how damn cold it is. The chill in the air is fine with me, I don't mind flushed cheeks and stinging hands. I spent my afternoon playing with the dogs and supervising sassy Cache while he enjoyed sometime on the leash then I headed inside to make some veggie fried rice and settled down to watch my first episode of Mad Men, which was surprisingly delightful but I am not hooked yet. (Speaking of Mad Men you should head on over to my friend Sarah's blog who is doing a countdown to Mad Man all week long.)
Outfit Details 
Dress - Gifted from Old Navy 
Sweater - Ross 
Tights - K-mart
Belt - Kohls 
Sunglasses - Thrifted for .25
Necklace - Gifted from Charlotte Russe
Boots - Minnetonka


  1. I miss Spring! I'm kind of disappointed that it's 82 today. This isn't right! Wisconsin is not supposed to be this hot until July. Where is my sweater weather?! By the way, I love your outfit and the photo with the kitty is adorable :)

  2. Get your divaness out of here, girl! In the words of RuPaul #werk!


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