Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cashmere & Calico

I went to The Museum of Natural History in Salt Lake City on Saturday and I wore one of the dresses I got from my parents for my birthday. Honestly, it was so hard to wait to three whole days to wear this brown calico dress but I felt it was the perfect museum frock because of the high neck and how almost 'bookish' the dress looks when paired with my cashmere sweater, but I do mean bookish in the most fabulous way possible, like a modern day Anne Shirley or Laura Ingalls Wilder. I had been wanting to visit the museum since my last birthday, it was beyond worth the wait. I felt like a little kid running around the dinosaur bones, reading EVERY SINGLE SIGN, and playing at every interpretive center until my mom informed me that maybe crawling around on the ground is a bad idea in a short dress...if you get what I am hinting at. I had a good time and wore clean underpants so I consider the entire day a huge win! I will share more of the museum later.
Can I just ask does anyone else have the purse/chest war going on? I mean cross body purses seem like such a good-hands-free-idea until you see pictures and the purse is like cutting one of your boobs off. I just can't win, either I can have my butt covered or a weird chest situation going on. I know which one I'd rather experience.
Outfit Details
Cashmere Cardigan // Gifted
Floral Dress // Gifted from Target
Green Tights // Target
Moccasins // Steven Berry
Purse // Old Navy


  1. You are so beautiful! I hope you had a good birthday!

  2. Your outfit is so cute! That exhibit wall thing looks amazing!


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