Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cats #6 // Silly Matty Boy

There is a 9 pound feline who is  goofy beyond comprehension, playful too a fault and wreck less with his toys. This Cat Mama, I am talking about myself, decided she needed a cat 'toy  box' aka a shallow wicker basket to store cat things in so the babies* could stop messing up our room and losing EVERY SINGLE toy under the bed/dresser... but this silly boy thought he wasn't supposed to take his toys out of the basket and proceeded to play with his things INSIDE of the basket for a couple hours. He is seriously the cutest thing EVER. I love him. He is my baby boy.

* To clarify when I say babies I am either referencing my three cats or just Lily and Matty. I am sorry but context clues will need to be used to deduce which way I am using the term. If I am comparing and contrasting Cache to Lily/Matty the word babies will always be used in place of Lily &Mattys names. For the purpose of this post I am talking about all 3 of my cats. I felt the unnecessary urge to explain!

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