Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wanderlust : Living Aquarium

I am a traveler by nature I mean by the time I was six months old I had already travelled cross country, obviously not by myself though. I've grown up in a family that placed a lot of value on travelling. If I don't travel more than 300 miles from my home at least every 3 months I start to get antsy and I recently realized that I don't often share this part of my life via Eloquent Sticks & Stones which is strange because it is such a HUGE part of who I am.... so I am introducing Wanderlust, a new series in which I share my recent and past adventures. I digress. 
Last weekend I visited The Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy Utah for the first time and had an amazing time! I saw sea horses for the first time in my life and touched a couple sting rays which totally feel like jelly. I should admit that I was feeling a little disappointed when I first saw The Living Aquarium because of how small it appears on the outside but never fear it took me almost 3 hours to see the entire Aquarium.
I love how beautiful and majestic sea life and amphibians look and move. Every kinetic movement seems magical and is more colorful than anything I have seen on earth.  Life under the sea has always appealed to me, I thought that my fascination with water would be diminished after I almost drowned but instead I have learned how to admire and appreciate the sea from afar and in a different way.
The aquarium had 5 otters and I've never seen more active little creatures.It was really enjoyable to hear all the children laughing and giggling while watching the otters wrestle each other in the water. Sergio commented that otters played like where our cats get hyper at night. Otters = water cats. There was a sting ray feeding for children and parents to participate in which was a delight to watch as the hungry little monsters, aka the rays, swim over children's hands holding frozen fish was enjoyable enough but then add the unpredictability of splashing water. I had such a good time and forgot about all the hardship affecting me recently for just a couple hours.


  1. I'm always so amazed to see what lives in the ocean. So many unique creatures! This makes me want to visit an aquarium again too:)


    1. It was my first time visiting an aquarium since I was a very very young girl, like 7, and an absolute joy! Let me know if you go because I am kinda of obsessed with Aquariums now.


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