Sunday, January 15, 2012

7 on Sunday

It's been awhile since I posted a 7 on Sunday and I am not sure why because I really enjoy this feature on the blog. I got 7 fabulous this for you. Enjoy! 

1. Even though by most people's standards the Christmas Season is over... I can't stop listening to my 'A Very She & Him Christmas' CD that Sergio gifted me for Christmas. It's soooo good but not too christmasy so I just pretend its 'winter music.' (link)
2. I don't like cropped tops at all but I love this fringe cropped top DIY from Swell Made. (link)
3. I've been devouring books like crasy as of late thanks to my fancy Kindle. I am in the middle of reading Little Women and I love this cover for the book. Don't you think it would make the most precious dress or wallpaper pattern? I do! (link)
4. I am obsessed with the blog Advanced Style and my jaw dropped with past week when I saw this lovely old portrait. The hair. The plaid. The dog! So perfect. (link)
5. check out this confetti inspired tights DIY is so whimsical. (link)
6. I can't get over what a great idea it is to revamp a pair of shoes with doilies. Why didn't I think of that?! (link)
7. Can these boots get on my feet right now?! I must own soon. (link)

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