Sunday, September 9, 2012

Wanderlust // Devil's Tower

Last month on the way home from my Auntie Cath's funeral my parents, mainly my mom, wanted to attempt to make the best of a horrific situation. I had mentioned in June that I have been wanting to go to Devil's Tower. So to make a long story short we drove five hours out of our way, not even complaining, in order to see America's first national monument. It was an incredible experience. My only regret was that we didn't have enough time to trek the nature trail around the base of the tower which only means I must adventure back again. I love travelling and this is a new personal favorite spot.
See tons (mild exaggeration) more photos after the jump.

Did I mention there are prairie dogs all around Devil's Tower? No... well now I did. These rodents are adorable and one of my favorite western critters. I have this medical condition, the closer I am in proximity to wild prairie dogs the more my brain turns into mush. It's a real thing. WebMd it. 

This is a little snippet of a photo I took of a painting that hangs in the interpretative center that depicts one of the Native American legend about how the tower was created. The weird thing is that the landscape surrounding the area is almost uniformly flat and then out of seemingly now where the huge remains of an ancient volcano's core rise up. Truly majestic. 
This photo was taken at six in the morning it's amazing I looked this alive. Below is a photo of my two souvenirs our adventure to Devil's Tower. My favorite post card ever, look for a post the National Park commissioned posters  soon, plus a really informative brochure about the type of prairie dogs that live within the park featuring a rad illustration. It's the simple things people that thrill me...honestly.


  1. Your travels and photos always inspire me; it makes me want to try harder with my photography. I'm glad that you're back and I miss you :]

  2. I love love love that postcard!


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