Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Instant Replay

I really enjoy seeing instagram posts when I stumble upon a new blog because it gives me a better idea of the content I might see in the future. So I decided to share my own 'according to instagram' post. It was really fun to browse through my instagram feed via Webbygram because the photos are nice and BIG, I had a hard time not posting all my pictures because it was so exciting to view them on a computer screen opposed to a tiny Apple screen. Here's a highlight of  a lot of my favorite pictures, lots more after the jump. If you would like to follow me on IG my name is @Eloquent_stones.

Playing in the rain // tour of campus // Easter eggs and an Easter Mani

A butterfly I spotted on a walk // I love the Christmas lights in my dorm // Lily Monster

View from my back yard // Inspirational words // My cute boy
Birthday Nails // walking Cache // my dorm window

Back yard green space // Curiosities shelf // BUTTONS

Dead heading my mums from the roomies // Best thing about living on campus that view // fave mug

Picture of my bedside // Soul mates // Cross walk in SLC

Sleepy kitty sleeps // Gold oxfords sparkle // Sleepy kitty endorses Puma

Thrifted owl // Nylons and moccasins on a cold day // Oreo pie from my roomie

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