Thursday, May 10, 2012

Floral Earrings // DIY

Schools out for summer and this busy body has been applying for jobs, plastering babysitting fliers all over town, reading up a storm AND doing a few DIY projects... although I am sure I should do more job hunting and less blogging. Anyway, it's that lovely spring/summer time of year when the blogosphere becomes flooded with Floral Crowns (don't worry I have one coming soon too) so I gave into the seasonal blogger cliches and jumped on the fake flower bandwagon (it was a very hard bandwagon to straddle too because I've always been against fake flowers my whole life... I NORMALLY think silk flowers are tacky only because flowers should not last long enough to to get dusty) I made a pair of daisy earrings that are the perfect amount of tacky to become my new favorite pair of posts.

The supplies I used: four silk flowers, a paint brush, tacky glue, two earring posts and a pair of scissors.

It will be easier to glue the center to the earrings later  on... 

Link back to me if you decide to make your own pair, I would love to see other variations of this project!

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  1. This are just too cute:) Just dropping in from the May Day Hop to invite you to link up any of your awesome creations to another week of Freedom Fridays:) So hoping to see you there!
    PS I am now following you


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