Monday, April 23, 2012

Union & Navy

The same day Sergio and I explored Mount Olivet Cemetery we gallivanted all afternoon around downtown SLC and explored the little big city that is is so unfamiliar to us. I knew all along I wanted to stop at the old Union Pacific Station to take some pictures. The weird part of the station is that it is HUGE and there is never anyone inside it... except of course when you bravely asked your boyfriend to take blog photos of you. The molding, black and white tiles and stain glass window found within the train station are not to be missed on the long list of sites to see in Salt Lake. I can just imagine the station alive with the hustle and bustle of travels commencing and adventures beginning. I've been trying to work on my 'adventure style' or the clothes I wear on and everyday day basis but give off a road trip vibe. That's a look right? well it's mine. And these clothes I am wearing? Came sooo close to being perfect but something is off for me, I think its the combination of long sleeves and thick nylons looks kinda-sort-of-a-tad matronly. I don't think there is anything scandalous about mustard yellow tights but be warned before you rush out and buy your self a pair... people will throw nasty judgey looks in your general direction  A LOT. but you wouldn't care cause your cool.
Outfit Details 
Vintage Stewardess Bag // Thrifted
Top // H&M
Dress // Birthday gift from target
Nylons // Target
Moccasins // Steven Barry's
Necklace // Avon

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