Sunday, April 29, 2012

7 on Sunday : Adventure Resources

1. My favorite element of traveling would have to be weird attractions and road side oddities which makes Roadside America, my favorite great road trip planning guide as it is an online resource for known attractions by state.
2. The coolest cemetery related website I have come across is Find A Grave which lets you search for famous graves in your state. I could/ may have spent hours searching this site.
3. The National Park Service has a really informative website featuring a neat find a park option.
4. Wiki's list of museums in the United States. I basically want to visit every. single. one.
5. Google Places search feature can help jump start my trip/vacation planning process. Example.
6. Local libraries. No explanation needed.
7. I recently found out about an online resource for Utah state history online and I love that there is a list of Utah Landmarks in addition to a list of Utah Cemeteries. Through both databases I have found out about a few new places I had no idea existed before, Living in a new state is becoming more and more enjoyable as I do more and more research.

What are you're favorite resources for travel/adventure?

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