Monday, April 9, 2012


I've been thinking a lot about the direction this blog has been headed for a while and I noticed I've become disconnected from the process and myself. I want Eloquent Sticks & Stones to be genuine to who I am as a person and the person I AM has changed a lot over the last couple months. I have a lot of ideas for a blog redesign, new series and DIY projects but I also am going to strive to be truer to myself. Another change you may notice around here is that I am going to speak more frequently and freely about God and my Christianity not because I am trying to push my faith onto my followers but because God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are important to ME. 
Another major change will be a shift from material things although I will still talk about them when I feel inclined to do so and focusing on adventure. (sounds weird typed out) I've been having an itch to declare this blog a travel blog for over a year and have been pursing travel/adventure more often and finally feel its time to make the majority of posts about  small daily adventures. I've been focusing on the adventure aspect for a few weeks and since then I've been more inclined to get out and go than ever before! 

I will still feature DIY's because those are the very things I enjoy seeing the most on other blogs as well as fashion posts but that element of Sticks & Stones will take a back seat to adventure! I am going to continue Found Fridays although readers never comment because I read over and over again to blog about what you love and I love finds. I am really excited to take Eloquent Sticks & Stones in a new direction. Later in the week I will share a weekly blog schedule and introduce new features. I am jazzed.

Have a happy spring day everyone! 


  1. I'm excited to see your changes... your faith makes you YOU so it's important to blog about it! :]

  2. I'm looking forward to the new changes as well, just be yourself. I think that's what this whole "bloggin'" thing is all about.


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