Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thoughts on loss

My family has been again reduced in numbers as a result of another death. This one was different from my last experience with death, it wasn't a sudden and absolute void ripped into my heart but was a slow inevitable process. The last time I saw him it was possible to feel the brittleness of his bones when he hugged me and I noticed the once familiar pot belly had disappears... actually, most of his body seemed to have disappeared. How my heart mourns for the loss sustained by my already broken Great Aunt...2 years ago I witnessed her body physically collapse at my Nana's wake, I also remember months ago  when she  squeezed me tight and said  " I am so glad you are safe because this family just can't handle anymore loss..." that was before February's tragidy and now her main reason for living has passed. Death made her a widow yesterday and I predict will soon make orphans of their children. I am entering into a era of my life where once completely independent and well respected adults are becoming weak and an unspoken feeling of their futures uncertainty hangs over every family function. I am left wondering if every encounter will be my last with that specific character in my life? Life is fragile. Trust in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit as the Trinity is the only medicine that can heal the wounds of the world. 

I am mourning the loss of my Uncle Pug.

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  1. I'm sorry my love; let me know if you need anything


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