Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cats #4 // The Lily Monster

(I seriously enjoy writing these proud mama posts tooo much!)
I have this sweet baby girl named Lily or as I like to call her The Lily Monster because she only wants you to pay attention to her when you can possibly handle a feline like while folding laundry, putting on your make-up or cooking dinner but in all honesty I normally throw this tiny thing across my shoulders to hunker down and take a nap even during the previously mentioned activities. And yes I did just state that it is easier to wear Lily like a scarf across my shoulders that it is to her cry at my feet and suffering the pain of her attempts to climb up my body via my skin which again is why she is unofficially known as The Lily Monster. My baby girl is a tad needy but only of my attention and Sergio always makes me feel  a little ungrateful when I complain about this small con in Lily's personality.

Moving on,  I took this precious picture of Lily sleeping on my messy desk after one instance of  repeatedly denying her cuddly advances because I knew her motive was to to sleep on my hands across the key board... I think she  deliberately fell asleep pouting in a spot she knew I would come back to because then I would be forced to photograph her cuteness and have to praise her for the rest of her nine lives to make up for not indulging her. Smart little lady.

p.s. look at all the glitter in her fur
p.s. before you freak out I cleaned Lily off before she cleaned herself to prevent her from ingesting harmful craft supplies.


  1. You're blog is so cute :) So jealous you have a big fluffy cat, I want one so bad!

    1. Thank you so much! I actually have 2 fluffy cats but only one of them are big. The one above, Lily, is only 4 tiny pounds but her brothe, Matty, is a big feline at 10 pounds.

  2. Aww so cute!! My pug Betty tries to climb all over my laptop when I'm busy blogging. She once made it go into this wierd function that I couldn't shift for weeks... I still don't know how I fixed it.

    1. My cat Cache often does the same thing or turns on something called like Sticky keys and makes my key board type in weird symbols. I don't know what it is with animals and thinking laptops are like heating pads for their little bodies?!


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