Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dream catcher

I got an itch to blog, but I unfortunately somehow lost my camera in addition to my parents camera sooooo web cam photos are going to be all I can offer you lovely readers for a little while. I had a really good day. I got picked up from campus by my dearly missed parents for a little breakfast date at Ihop, then did some grocery shopping all while goofing around. I seriously needed to stuff my face with stuffed french toast and be next to my parents. I haven't seen them since I flew in from the funeral on Valentines Day. Today was good distraction from all the pain that's been swirling around my life lately.

I NEED to share that my mom currently has a blood clot in her leg that is travelling away from her heart, as of last week. Even though I know that the clot is moving away from her heart I am  pretty terrified for her health and my sanity. Lets face it if I lose my Mother I will lose my mind. I have been thinking about how hard it's been for my Mom to heal after my Nana's passing two years ago, Mom had her for 49 years. If this takes my mother from me I will have only had her for almost 23 years of my life. I just can't. That is one of the bad dreams plaguing my mind which makes the dream catcher all the more relevant. The blue dream catcher is fast becoming a very precious item to me. It was left at the memorial of my Aunt and two cousin's near their home. There was this big blue catcher and a small red one, I don't know who left them or why but I think they were left for each of the children. I also pretend a classmate left it because they knew someone  needed this dream catcher in attempt to filter out all the terror that this month has held.

I guesssss I should maybe talk about my outfit which is beyond boring but very comfortable. I wore my favorite brown dress a silk scarf I found at my Mom's work last year. A cheap top and a pair of shoes that I bought when I was a flat broke college freshman for like 7 dollars, I remember paying for them mainly in coins.


  1. your little dreamcatchers are so cute!
    I really hope everything works out well with your mom - I know when my mom had heart surgery and was really sick a few years ago I was a mess - it's really hard, but try to stay as positive as you can!

    I love your scarf tooo!

    1. Thank you so much Josie! I am trying to stay positive and thank you for making the time to comment on my blog it means a lot!

  2. I hope everything works out and it's good you are trying to stay positive. I read the article about the family. I didn't know that you are related. I'm so sorry for your family. The dream catcher is beautiful and I'm sure that your aunt and cousins are so glad you kept one!

    1. Thanks Rebecca, I am trying really hard to stay positive but it isn't working as well as before. A lot of people have no idea I am related because our family spokes person for the media didn't want any of us talking about it via social networking. I sure hope my aunt and cousins are happy I kept a dream catcher because it reminds me of them everyday.


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