Sunday, October 16, 2011

Middle Parts

Last week I got my hair cut for the first time since April. (See last cut here.) I really didn't want to get my hair cut because it was finally reaching the length a pre-bob-chop length of two years ago. I needed to get it cut because my split ends where starting to get insane! The point of nasty, nasty, nasty straw like split ends that refused to smooth down. I had to curl the ends of my hair, EVERYDAY, if I didn't my hair would look so very unhealthy and felt a little like straw. I hate a hairstyle that requires me to do something everyday like curling ends or straightening. So while I was home last weekend, pet sitting, I mentioned to my mom that I wanted her to trim my hair. My Mom then frowned and said "nope" I followed that up with a frown of my own and just before I began to whine Mom informed me that she was "getting her hair cut the next afternoon and I could get a 'dusting' to just remove the damaged ends..." Well ,a lot more than a dusting got cut but I am feeling ok with it because now when I condition my hair feels just like silk.
Another thing happened besides an almost devastating loss of length, was that the hairstylist trimmed my bangs before I was able to tell her that I "in fact hate my fringe and have been growing it out since the day I got my bangs cut in April." Then my hairdresser frowned because I had to started to panic! I mean I had JUST grown my bangs to a length that tucking behind my ears was a possibility, just gotten close to the point when bangs stop being bangs and start being awkward layers! But all is well that ends well! Mom's hairstylish just 'blended' the bangs into the layers around my face in effect giving me the perfect hair cut to rock a middle part! Why am I excited about a middle part? WELL! I have been working on squiring an authentic 70's style and what could be more 70's than long, wavy middle parted hair?! NOTHING THAT WOULD WORK WITH THIS HEAD OF HAIR! (excuse the caps lock, when I get excited I yell) 

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