Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Sparkle Ring // DIY

First off Happy Halloween! I am not one for scary movies, haunted houses or day dreaming of goblins/ghouls so I don't ever really get into the spirit for today. Although I am a sucker for cheesy Halloween traditions like watching Halloweentown or Hocus Pocus, carving pumpkins, eating lots of candy on a school night, black cats, spiders, bats, costumes, fake spider webs and trick or treating. So I put together a quick and festive DIY in honor of one of the finer things Halloween has to offer... Plastic spider, skull and bat rings! Do you remember getting 10 or 12 plastic rings that never fit your chubby little fingers every Halloween and squeezing one on each finger and wearing them everyday to school for like a week until you started to lose 'em? No, well needless to say I do.
This is a super easy project all you need is what ever brand of craft glue you prefer, glitter, dollar store plastic Halloween rings, a paint brush, a shallow dish and a small container for glitter. I bet you have all of that stuff scattered around your craft room right now? Well, you should because I have those items AND I live in a dorm.
Self explanatory, really. I used the cover to a small salad dressing/condiment container for sack lunches. You totally [don't] know what I mean right? Pretend, use your imagination it is Halloween after all...
Again self explanatory...I would suggest only putting glue on the plastic body and not around the ring it self because the glitter would rub off quickly and get all over you. I also would suggest using a paint brush to get the underside of the ring and those pesky spider legs covered in glue.
To apply the glitter to the ring without making a huge mess I poured the glitter into a small plastic container THEN set the ring which was thinly covered in wet glue INTO the container and did a little 'shake and bake' (aka covered  the top up with my hand and shook the glitter all around)  to get the ring evenly covered in craft glitter.
Obviously. Duh.... because if you don't the glitter will wipe off and dry all over your skin and then you would look like a sparkly twilight vampire and you don't want that do you? (It's OK if you do I won't judge)
I got a ton of compliments on my spider ring from my roommates and other a couple other girls around campus today which tickled me pink! I hope you enjoy and had a safe All Hallows Eve.

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