Sunday, September 25, 2011


Earlier this week a tiny roommate tiff occurred in suite 101, the issue has  been resolved but later on I was reflecting about the whole 'thing' when I realized that the source of the the whole misunderstanding was negativity! Bad attitudes, bad manors, bad communication skills and all those thing have turned me into a bad friend which totally bummes me out!! I have never classified myself as a negative person I actually tend to think of myself as an optimist...until I started reevaluating the way I've been talking about people and complaining about situations instead of letting things go since moving into 101. This past week another revelation was apparent to me which was that all the 'negative stuff' I have allowed into my life is hurting me as well as hurting my social relationships.I recognise I am in need of a life change attitude change, so I am will be periodically chronicling a self imposed '60 day negativity detox'  with the hopes that optimism and kindness will become second nature in my life.

My detox will include; no 'complainy' text to others, no sour tweets, no venting to other roomies about OTHER roomies,  no sassy attitudes towards the boyfriend and absolutely no negative verbal critiques about the way another girls are dressed is allowed. Ever. No matter how awful or dumb they may look. I will try to live by the mantra 'If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all' while attempting to teach myself to be a better person with the help and strength from God to get through this negativity that has a  grip on my life.

Thursday was my first negativity free day, it went pretty well for the most part (if you exclude the part of my day when I told my mom all about this past week's ordeal...) I've been trying to keep a genuine smile on my face as I walked all over campus, which is a challenge all in itself. I took the time to listen to a fellow student play her accordion on the quad, got my 'glitter toes' on and went out to eat with my mom for her birthday. I should mention I did this all while wearing my all time favorite sundress that I bought seven years ago on clearance for thirteen dollars at Old Navy [and haven't been able to wear fit into it for the last three] and a leaf earring and necklace set that has a cute little story behind it from my Nana. [outfit post to follow soon...maybe ] Plus it was the first day of Fall!

xo Ali

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