Sunday, August 28, 2011

7 on Sunday : The Dog Days Of Summer

I moved into my dorm to stay last night and now I am stationed 24/7 on campus. Althought I am so looking forward to the school year I am also trying to hold onto the last couple joy filled days of Summer! Lets all stop talking about Fall because I am still obsessed with this Summers heat and potential activities so this weeks 7 is full of summer to get me through this first week of school.

1. No lie I've been lusting over this pair of glittery shorts (any one remember the glitter denim circa 2002)  since I first spotted them in American Eagle at the beginning of summer. Something about this pair of shortie shorts just screams classy-ke$ha-trailer-trash-glam which is my style of choice. purchase link.
2. At the beginning of July Sergio and I had a little pool photo shoot which I am planning to share over Labor Day Weekend because it marks the  'end of summer'. p.s. Are my feet not adorable?!
3. I love a good water bottle. I love this sassy one from UO because it made me laugh out loud when I first saw it. Purchase Link.
4. I did a quick search on pintrest for 'Summer' and this amazing photo came up. I am thinking about doing  this same concept but with the Wasach Mountains from now until next summer. How cool would that be? 
( Image found via Pintrest if you know the owner of this image let me know so I can credit. )
5. GAH! My favorite time waster is to google/pintrest/tumblr/weheartit search crochet clothing and my most desired item is a lovely pair of crochet shorts and I think this DIY would be the perfect cure! DIY Link via Swellmade.
6. No bake. Freezer cake. NO BAKE! Recipe Link via Food Coma.
7. I want to ride my vintage Schwinn so bad but alas it needs a lot of work. Image found via Pintrest but image credit here.

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  1. I nearly died of happiness when I saw the no bake! So great!! Also, do that mountain photoshoot! I suck at photography and envy my talented friendzzz


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