Sunday, April 3, 2011

7 on Sunday

Happy Sunday! March is over and my life can move on! I have such a busy week ahead with doctors appointments, road trip, hair cut, babysitting, bright eyes concert, and Sergio's family visiting! I am very very excited. Enjoy the second 7 on Sunday.

1. This Lands End swim suit
(want want want)

2. The Sweater Curse article on Wikipedia

3. This Tillamook Cheese Ad 
(Move over Kevin Bacon Commercial this is my new fav)

4. This "Hell Yeah Wisconsin" Tumblr

5. The folk song "One Meatball" I am trying to learn on the Uke

6. My copy of Wreck this Journal & the random exercise generator on Keri Smith's website

7. Sergio 
 (and his family who are visiting this week)

Bonus Sunday link: I found this Uke Flash Card website while searching for ukulele tabs. It's really fun I've been using it with my uke on my lap as a warm up before I practice everyday. Link.

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