Thursday, February 24, 2011

Quick Valentines Day Nail How-to

 As stated in this post here is the valentines day nail how-to, I got this idea when I was in a saloon in Park City Ut and the Waitress had a french manicure with red glitter tips - So glamorous! The supplies needed are very minimal you just need nail polish of any sort, I personally decided to use a metallic polish just to jazz up the over all look just a little if glitter nails need to be jazzed up even more?! Secondly you will need a small container filled with at least 3 inches of lose glitter preferably a matching color but anything goes really. 
The best part of this mani is that there are only two quick steps! First liberally paint one nail at a time then immediately delicately dip each nail into the lose glitter. Repeat 9 more times  wait about 10 minuets and then presto change-o! You will be a real life glampyre!
To be honest with you although this mani is adorable the glitter will not last through a regular 9 to 5 work day and will leave a glitter trail behind you, I would suggest doing this minutes before heading out the door for a night out because I give this 4 to 5 hours max.
Enjoy ladies!

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