Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Buffalo Solider

One of my 2011 Resolutions was to wear a skirt or dress for at least 182 days this year and I am the type of person who normally wont wear an outfit more than once, which is strange I know, and that means 182 different outfits this year. YIKES! I will wear variations of an outfit multiple times but I try not to wear the exact same outfit more than once, I've always been like this. So the other day I created an outfit I really enjoyed and decided to share it! The reason I like this outfit so much is because it's based around a dangerous flannel buffalo plaid top from American Eagle. I bought the top in November of 2009, it quickly became a staple in my closet until last spring when an old man told my boyfriend it was rude of Sergio to sit in the chair at Barnes and noble while he let me a pregnant woman stand, needless to say I burst into tears. So I've been gun shy about wearing my favorite winter top ever since, but I thought the flannel would balance out well with my high waisted denim skirt (that I wish was longer) Also My hair was adorable I jumped on the multi-braid-bun-hair-fad bandwagons andddddd it looked so cute which made me excited to have medium length hair!

What I Wore:
Flannel Buffalo Plaid Top from AE
Miley Cyrus & Max Azria Denim skirt from Walmart
Tank Top SO... from Kohls
Black Leggings Mossimo from Target
Chunky necklace from Old navy 

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