Thursday, March 3, 2011

Jewel Toned Outfit I must wear again

I bought an unflattering "bubble" skirt from Old Navy for 49 cents and have been struggling to style it into my existing wardrobe for a couple weeks now. The picture of today's outfit kinda sucks I know, total myspace angles, but I wanted to document this outfit any way because its a representation of my true style. As I wore this I was not feeling uncomfortable or insecure about my clothes not fitting correctly ( i.e. too tight ) because all the pieces I am wearing either fit me again or are newly acquired. I just feel really good about how each individual piece works harmoniously together. The colors, shape and fit are all spot on. Note to self: I need to work on photographing my outfits.
Cat : Found outside my window he was free
Wine Tights : Vera Wang a gift from my friend Sarah 
Mustard Skirt : Old Navy Clearance 49 cents 
Sweater : Kohl's Clearance 1 dollar even 
Belt : Claire's Clearance 50 cents 
Top : Thrifted 1 dollar  

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