Thursday, August 2, 2012

DIY // Cute Running Shorts

I am just as guilty as anyone else of wearing my workout clothes out in public... I mean sometimes I just don't have anytime to change out of my running gear before heading out to the grocery store or bank. Before I started running it was actually one of my pet peeves to see people grocery shopping in gym clothes now it only bothers me when I see men shopping in their bike shorts. Anyways, I am not really a 'sporty' person (SHOCKING) and some of my athletic apparel felt a little too 'gym class' and not enough like my style. So I revamped these shorts! More details after the jump. 

For this project I used patches, buttons, hot glue gun, chalk pencil and thread. Pretty simple stuff, yo.

self explanatory. 
Optional. I normally do this with a chalk pencil because once I've figured out a perfect arrangement I do not want to forget it.

Self explanatory. I liked to use a different color thread for each button. It adds a little pizazz. 
I mean you don't have to... 
 I hope this project inspires you to update a few of your work out clothes to suit your style a little better.

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