Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wanderlust : Cave Point

It's no secret that I was born 'n raised in Wisconsin and spent a large amount of time in Door's but you know what is a secret ? A special little county park hidden in Door County named Cave Point. This a place very near and dear to me, not only did my Aunt Cath get married there 26 years ago but my parents got engaged on its bluff. I have vivid memories of being a young girl watching in horror as my brave older brothers catapulted into Lake Michigan (in those days the water level was much higher so it was safe) and then being paralyzed with fear as my father would proudly toss my tiny body in to the green abyss. He was far more confident in my Norwegian bodys' love of water and strong swimming skills than I. The fear would ware off seconds after my alabaster skin slapped the freezing cold water. Then I would happily participate in  a good long soak. Then we would scramble up the lime stone wall skinning our knee on its porous surface to sun ourselves dry and to indulge in a family picnic. Cave Point is the setting for many idyllic childhood memories, It feels like home. Is that weird? That a county park could feel like home? Maybe but I think Cave Point feels so much like home to because it is the starting point of my parents marriage - So it's kind of like the moment I became a reality or idea.
Cave Point is gorgeous is the summer but, in my personal opinion, it is devastatingly beautiful in the winter because Lake Michigan's terrify waves encrust every branch and tree in ice.  I highly recommend no matter the time of year you find yourself roaming Door County to seek out my special little place. (More pictures can be found after the jump)

I believe these photos where taken December of 2009 which means I am not sure how Cave Point looks this Winter but I believe whole heartedly that it must be breathtaking.  The photos are old but remind me of home so figured I would share any way.

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