Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth!

Happy fourth of July y'all! I am one of those Americans who love the good ol' US of A! I recognise that this country is by no means perfect but I feel lucky to live here. I feel lucky to be able to dress the way I want, praise my God the way I want and work where ever I went. I love the United States even more because I am a woman who could have been born into a country that limited my freedom or viewed me as someone elses property. I am truly proud to be an American.
I love everything about today, in my hometown there is a huge celebration downtown leading up to the Shopko sponsored fireworks that I wish with all my heart I could be at right now. I love the food, fireworks, sparklers, swimming, grilling and tacky dressing that goes hand in hand with independence day! I hope you have a lovely holiday and don't forget to wear sunscreen while you are out enjoying today's festivities.

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