Sunday, May 1, 2011

7 on Sunday

I hope everyone had a great week. I know I did! I went on a couple dates with my boyfriend, visited Yellowstone, shopped and relaxed a little too much. I had a pretty hard time narrowing down the 7 this week I could have probably shared 20 or more things I am loving!

1. This ModCloth Video DIY and that ModCloth is on Youtube!

2.This Wisconsin Mac & Cheese recipe is soo good and easy to make! 

 I made dinner on Thursday for Sergio and I and he wouldn't stop talking about how delicious it was! I I am over the moon about Sergio's review because I am a notoriously bad cook I think the recipe is just that easy to follow.

3. The Wilder Life

I first read about this book a couple weeks ago in Bust magazine, and although I haven't had the chance to purchase  the book I am sure once I finally get my hands on it I will loveeee it! The book is about a woman who after reading the Little House series as an adult decided to do a sort of Julie and Julia thing; She travelled to the places in the book, cooked the same recipes and researched the family. The main reason I am so interested in The Wilder Life is because I began reading the Little House books a couple months ago (for the first time even though I've owned the books for over 8 years)  it's one of the most magical series I have ever encountered aside from HP. You can read more about The Wilder Life on the publishers website or just click here.

4. The Crystal Necklace I Bought In Yellowstone

All over the Internet I've been spotting crystals and geodes in jewelry which I am all about as I have an insane love of rocks. So when I spotted my new necklace at a gift shop for only 11 dollars I had to have it! The crystal is kinda beat up but I love how much more character all the scratches and dings give the piece. The necklace came on a 16 inch silver chain which is amazing because now I also have a chain to wear all my silver pendents on!

5. The Royal Wedding! 
Click Image for Source
This picture almost completely explains why I was obsessed with the Royal Wedding all week but not entirely.
6. The Bikini Body Post from Young, Fat & Fabulous

I saw Taylor Swift wore a suit like this but I wasn't sold on how fabulous it was until I saw it on Gabi. The bikini body post really inspired me to embrace the way I look this summer instead of feeling ashamed because I've worked really hard to make my body look the way it does today. I know I want  vintage style two piece now because ZOMGOSH she looks so good. What a Diva and all the entries at Young, Fat & Fabulous are inspiring.

7. Milwaukee Brewers Shirt from Victoria Secret
I may not be a hardXcore baseball fan but going to a Brewers game is one true blue Wisco tradition... kicking back in the sweltering sun tailgating, grilling and sweatin in the stadium is what this shirt makes me think of and I NEED IT! Check it out on Victoria Secrets Website.

P.s. I restarted my bedhead and toes blog today. If you have the time please check it out. Link.

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