Sunday, May 8, 2011

7 on [Mother's Day] Sunday

 Happy Mothers Day everyone! Today my family and I went to church and ate at a restaurant called Aggy's for brunch which was pretty delicious. Aside from the weather today, rainy and cold, it has become full blown summer here in Utah within the last week which means I have been enjoying the warm sun and cool breeze. I hope you had as blissful of a week as I mine was! Wishing all the Mom's in the world a lovely evening! Enjoy the Seven this week!
1. My Mom
She is my biggest supporter and the most inspiring woman in my whole world.

2. This DIY Glitter banner
I am thinking I am going to make one to put above my desk, bed, and maybe I will make one for my mom next  a Mother's Day? Maybe? mostly likely not but I think I like this idea so much because it looks kinda like the Nice banner I posted about here. Spotted on Link.

3. Laura Ingalls Wilder
I am turning into a total Laura Ingalls Wilder fan girl. I've been googling her nonstop and found out she wrote so many more book than I thought she had. I could post an entire 7 on Sunday post about Laura but I am going to limit it to maybe one each Sunday. 

 4. This Tank From Sleepyhead Clothing
I pre-ordered my self a shirt this week and can not wait till they ship on May 25th! Link.

I seriously have saved/bookmarked almost every image source posted on this blog, It's so inspiring. I am pretty sure I've spent at least 2 hours straight reading, on Wednesday night, You Are My Fave has a lovely minimal look and the  blog author has a consistent eye for images.

6. Fruit Salsa
Tell me this doesn't look like Summer in a bowl!?! I must make this next week or maybe later today my mom and I will whip up a batch - recipe link.

7.  I had a laugh over this chart 
I find the red section the funniest because I am convinced my mom thinks I am one of the most beautiful women in the whole world and she tells me often. I've always assumed every ones mom is like that  and now I have had my feeling reaffirmed by the above chart. Link.

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  1. Your banner this week is beautiful! (It always is, but this photo is especially breathtaking!)


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