Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Shoes

I got my new clogs in the mail early yesterday!The clogs from forever21 online. I got a bonus surprise at check out  for a free one year subscription to Nylon rad is that? I bought these puppies because I've been craving a crash course in heels because I am not too short but I am by no means tall. My height doesn't really bother me but the other day I was like "I am short... so why am I always wearing flats and not heels?!" I want my short little legs to look longerrrrrr, hence the need for fool proof heels that I can buckle my feet into. (like shoes with seat belts) Another reason I purchased this pair was because I love the seventies vibe. Before I purchased these sandals I showed 'em to my mom for her opinion and she was like "When I was younger I had a pair of sandals just like that!" Which is her normal response to most thing I point out I like. it would have been really cool if she had kept any of her clothes except my mom is like the opposite of a hoarder and never kept any clothes from her youth except a beyond stunning sundress.

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