Sunday, April 17, 2011

7 on Sunday

Hello there! I've been dying to tell you all about my trip to Portland but thought I should wait for the weekly seven on Sunday post. Enjoy! 

1. Crystal Ballroom 
The Concert last Saturday was held at the lovely and iconic Crystal Ballroom. I love dancing around at concerts with chandeliers dangling above my head. This was the second most beautiful venue I've ever been too, second only to the Pabst theatre in Milwaukee, Wi. I found this Wiki article about the ballroom that I found interesting.

I had never heard of the sweet shop before my brother's girlfriend Maria told me about it on Saturday morning and unfortunately the wait to obtain a bright pink box filled with sinfully sweet doughnuts was well over 2 hours which my brother refused to stand in. If I wasn't so old fashioned I would defiantly put Voodoo on my list of possible wedding venues.

3. The White Stage Sign
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Last weekend before we headed down to the Saturday Market my brother parked us below one of the iconic White Stage signs. I found a Wiki article about the sign which I personally found pretty interesting, you can read the article here

4. Powell's Book Store & rare book room 
 After the Saturday Market my brother wanted to go to Powell's Book Store which blew my mind because it's SO large! (Funny Story: Sergio and I Saw the book Stuff White People Like  had one whole page about how much white people love Powell's Books which Sergio being Hispanic found the whole situation hilarious) 

5. Conor Oberst 
 As you may already have gathered the whole point of the road trip to Portland was to attend a Bright Eyes concert which was my fourth time seeing Conor in concert and all I have to say is... Conor sang The Calender hung itself and after the concert he walked through the crowd and shook peoples hands anddddddddddddd I shook his clammy-pale-indie hand. It was amazing.

6. Beacon Rock 
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Sergio and I stopped at my favorite spot in the United States on the way back to Utah but the inclement weather did not permit us to make a quick trrek to the top of the highest monolith in the United States.

7. Wisconsin Follow your heart sticker

I bought this sticker at the Saturday Market. It's the Wisconsin version of the heart Oregon sticker I see all over. Buy here. Read here. Wisconsin love here.

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