Sunday, March 27, 2011

7 on Sunday

Introducing a new weekly series called "7 on Sunday" where I share 7 things I am currently loving I hope you enjoy 7 on Sunday as much as I love the items I have listed.

1. Antiques Roadshow

I am watching antiques road show right now as I blog.

2. Hunter Green Hair

Living in Utah one starts to desire colorful hair the older women here even get unnatural colors, I've really been craving hunter green chunks in my locks

3. An Anchor Tattoo

I want an anchor tat because I figured with recent life events I've earned my sea legs and need a nautical themed tattoo

4. Cat VS Human

I love Cat VS Human so so so so much! I  especially enjoy the comic posted above  because it's a visual represention of an event that sergio and I part taken in on a daily basis thinking Cache has run away

5. Almost Famous

 If you've been on my tumblr page you might have noticed a rise in Almost Famous pictures.  I am kinda obsessed with Penny Lane right now. The screen shot above is one of my favorite images from the movie.

6. Viral Video Film School

I die at "no son of mine will wear people hats" and to be honest the entire first video makes me laugh also the ostrich voice at the end of the second video makes me laugh so hard I snort. I think this man is beyond silly.

7. The Earrings My Moms Friend's Daughter Made Me
I like getting surprises in the mail so much!

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