Monday, January 3, 2011


Polyvore :
A few weeks ago my good friend, Sarah, over at Good Design... posted about a website called Polyvore that allows its users to make collages and also allow people to purchase the images featured in the collages you make which I think is pretty rad! so I decided to checked it out when I returned from my trip, which I shall be posting about later, and on new years day I figured I would give it a shot the results of which can be seen here. So I decided to make a collage that would function as a sort of Mood board of my current style seen below. I wish the images came out bigger and clearer but I really enjoy the finished product. One con of Polyvore is that you can not clip images from websites like Weheartit which I totally understand but I really don't like that you can't clip images from Etsy which is a place to buy products it would certainly bring a lot of customers to Etsy. With the use of Polyvore I think I am going to periodically post digital mood boards to my blog considering the whole function of Eloquent Sticks & Stones is to collect all the things that inspire me in one place.
Orange you glad I made this?

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