Monday, January 31, 2011

r-r-r-road trip

The Route
Last night while watching the pro bowl I bought 2 tickets to see Bright Eyes in Portland on April 9th. I payed almost 20 extra dollars to get real tickets instead of printing them off at home. I paid more for "convenience fee's" but I think it was worth it because if I am driving 600+ miles to see a concert I want that ticket stub as a souvenir. In 2009 Sergio, Our friend Tyler and I drove to Omaha from Milwaukee to see Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band and all I got was a stamp on my hand. no tickets. Lame. ( Not really because that road trip was the most bad ass thing I have EVER done... The 3 of us went to the Mystic Valley Band concert at Summerfest during which Conor suggested everyone go to the show the following night in his hometown - which is exactly what we did. The concert finished around 12 and we left from the Summerfest grounds and drove straight to Omaha. The show was beyond amazing, Tilly and the Wall opened and it was at a boat launch. The real kicker was I had to be in Sturgeon Bay, the tip of the peninsula Wi, the next day so the second the concert was over that concert we all loaded up and Drove 12+ hours to my cousin's grad party. No sleep. Oh yeah and No one knew I went until I came back.) Alright I am done bragging about the best road trip ever to and now want to discuss the second best road trip ever...The first Bright Eyes tour in 3 years and Sergio's first trip to Portland!!! The show is on a Saturday which is nice so neither of us will miss any school. I am pretty excited. The drive is gonna suck but it will be worth it.

Oh yeah! I also pre-ordered the new album on vinyl - was such a good deal for 18 dollars you get the album on vinyl, disk plus a digital copy  that includes a non album track... you can pre-order it here! DO IT!

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