Wednesday, January 5, 2011

DIY framed art (kinda)

The project I am posting about is super easy I shouldn't even call it a project or label it 'D.I.Y.' because its mind numbingly easy and yet very satisfying. When I saw the image below I fell in love with it not because I am so hipster it hurts or because I am obsessed with the 'Wild things' craze but mostly because I adore how the director of the newest movie, Spike Lee, captured the innocence of childhood so eloquently. The movie makes me feel alive and inspired, my favorite part of the movie is the first time they all sleep in a pile with Max... Refocusing my ramblings I printed the image below, source, as large as the quality would permit on my home printer and the cut it to fit a frame my mom had laying around the house. That's it! The whole 'project' took 2 minutes, and looks adorable in my room because I placed on my dresser which is my cats favorite place to sit.

(oh he is a wild thing!)

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